jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012


The key innovative element is to generate the foundations of the needed European framework and promote this as an integral part of the future vocational training. The integrated European approach will assure a major impact on the European level by shared understanding on the contents and the development of pedagogical tools.
The project has three concrete aims:
- to develop new European training modules for trainers and guides, integrating common European vision and practices into every module.
- to validate the European modules in the partner countries.
- to stimulate mobility between teachers and students.
- to allow tourist guide training providers across Europe to include components that address sustainability while stressing European intercultural mediation as a contribution to LLL in their courses;
- to facilitate the intercultural dialogue between tourists and guides;
- to increase tourists' awareness about environmental and socio-cultural challenges thus promote a sustainable tourism;
- to improve the quality of training programmes for tourist guides and of qualification systems across Europe in a LLL perspective

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