miércoles, 15 de abril de 2009


10 orders of the tourism for the future:

  1. Respecting the host communities.

  2. Protecting tourism and human values: tourism must be carried out with the aim of providing fulfilment.

  3. Contribute to the defence of the rights of man and reject sexual exploitation.

  4. Protecting the natural habitat.

  5. Protecting culture: tourist resources belong to humanity. Tourism must contribute to the preservation of our heritage.

  6. Guaranteeing benefits for the local communities: tourism must contribute to improving standards of living.

  7. Consumer rights: tourist professionals must provide clients with all information relative to their stay.

  8. Worker rights: tourist employees must be able to work under normal conditions.

  9. Tourism for everybody: the right to have a holiday is just as much a right as that for good health.

  10. And the right to circulate freely: security and freedom of travel for tourists.

No matter which form of tourism we will see predominantly in the future, all sorts of tourism are dependent on resources, especially natural and cultural. All the destinations which offer almost all sorts of tourism in the world such as history tourism, nature tourism, adventure tourism, medical tourism, spiritual tourism, beach tourism, business tourism, etc. have in the future to manage the use of those resources in a sustainable way.

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