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Ireland certainly means, the "Emerald Isle" and it's green, with expanses of fields and hills, lush vegetation and colourful gardens. Irish weather is very changeable, even in summer, which has a nice countryside, and many Irish legends with rainbows, many Leprechauns and Celtic traditions. The Irish or Gaelic word for Ireland is Éire. It gained its independence in 1922. The Irish flag has three vertical stripes in green, white and orange. The green represents the older Gaelic people, the orange represents the Protestants (under William of Orange) and the white represents the peace between the two groups. It has 32 counties. The largest county is Cork and the smallest one is Louth. It has 4 provinces: Connaught, Ulster, Munster and Leinster. Saint Patrick's Day (March 17th) is the national holiday of Ireland.
Ireland is frequently acknowledged as a successfully branded and marketed tourism destination. Tourism Ireland markets the island of Ireland in over 20 markets across the world with TV Advertising (Tourism Ireland advertised with TV €50 million in three-year), Print Advertising (T.I. invests €24M in key markets in 2008), Radio Advertising (T.I. invite industry partners to work with them), Promotions (T.I. participates in over 180 trade and consumer promotions), Direct Marketing (T. I. invites industry suppliers to partner with them in a variety of Direct Marketing campaign), Publicity and e-Marketing (T.I. in conjunction with Fáilte Ireland and the Northern Ireland Tourist Board, operates an extensive publicity program in all of the overseas markets).
France is the fourth largest market for visitors to the island of Ireland. The average spend per trip in 2006 was €570/£393. October to December is the most popular period (41%) for short breaks (1-3 nights). Over a quarter of long holidays are taken in August. Air travel continues to grow and in 2006 it was the mode of transport used by 78% of French holidaymakers to the island. The Paris region generates over a third of all visits to the island. Over the past 6 years the island of Ireland has seen an increase in the number of French who come to the island to visit their friends and relatives. The West is the most popular area for French holidaymakers, and in 2006 57% of French holidaymakers overnighted there. Dublin is a very close second with 56% spending at least a night there. 2006 saw French holidaymakers touring more. In common with other European markets, the island of Ireland attracts a younger holidaymaker from France. In 2006 42% were under 34 years of age compared to just 36% of all holidaymakers on the island.

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