jueves, 4 de diciembre de 2008

“Advantages and disadvantages of Ryanair for Tourism in the Girona area”

Every day we are faced with a multitude of views on Ryanair. The most important argument for Ryanair is basically the price. Ryanair is THE cheap flights airline, no doubts about it. Girona’s airport is a hub with flights coming in and leaving from all over Europe. This brings both advantages and disadvantages to the tourism sector in the area.

On advantage is that the low price made a lot of people access to flights, something which once was reserved for a very small number of specific and fortunate people. Those are the customers who can come to Girona, thanks to low cost flights. However, such clients are generally from a lower social status, or young people who let little money in the area.
Moreover, thanks to the establishment of Ryanair in the area of Girona, new infrastructures have been created. But on the other hand we can see that the workers who have contracted the airline in the area have harsh working conditions.
Last but not least, while in 1993 only 275,000 passengers passed through this airport and during 2007 the number has increased significantly to almost 5 million. However this airport serves Barcelona with 81% of the passengers, just 2,1 % of tourists stay there.
In conclusion, in my view, I would remove the exclusivity of the airport to Ryanair. In that way there could be competition with other airlines and this would improve their services and working relationships. The competition would positively affect the development of the area of Girona, and thanks to that new markets to different types of tourists could open in the future. However as the financial situation stands today, I think, unfortunately, that this will not be feasible.

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