jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2008

Summary: "Green Spain"

’The north is the alternative Spain, the ‘Green Spain’, where all national stereotypes collapse, or at least those stereotypes we acquire on the Med. Northern landscapes can be just as spectacular, and beaches just as plentiful, with blue and emerald colours in the ocean and along the estuaries that bite into the coast; the mountains – the western Pyrenees, the Cordillera Cantábrica and the Picos de Europa – are endearingly lovely and inviting to linger and walk in, unlike much of the austere, dry meseta to the south. ‘Here are sheep in the meadows, cows in the corn and storks on every spire – the biggest colony of these, over a hundred, live atop Calahorra cathedral. The northwest is as rich and lush as the rest of Spain is traditionally hard and dry; here you’ll find Spain’s finest cheer: Galician seafood, La Rioja wine, Asturian cider, Cantabrian cheese, Navarrese garden vegetables, Castilian suckling-pig and roast lamb, and the chefs with the best reputation for putting it all together – the Basques. Of course much of the north’s luxuriance comes from the fact that no matter how Eliza Doolittle pronounces it, the rain in Spain does not fall mainly in the plain, but rather right on its head.’
(Cadogan Guides)

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