viernes, 28 de noviembre de 2008

Memorable journey to Greece

After working for 3 years without holidays I decided go to an ancient, cultural centre and capital of Greece for 1 week. I was thinking of the deep blue sea, the beautiful beaches, the clear, sunny sky and the centre of the old civilization. I was also travelling alone and my journey exactly started at the airport in Barcelona. They were my first holidays abroad.

When I arrived at the hotel I realized it was a very bleak building with very dirty rooms. In Athens the weather was hot and extremely humid. On the first day I visited the most famous monuments in the city: such as the Acropolis with its unmistakable Parthenon, Sintagma Square, Plaka and Agora and I visited a market for tourists. I didn’t like the bustling atmosphere in the city at all. The impressions I had on Athens were very different from those that I had previously. Due to the incredibly hot weather I changed my mind and tried to escape to another place. I took my suitcase to Piraeus (the Athens harbour) and I went to a restaurant that serves very tasty, flavoured lobster and delicious shrimps. With my full stomach I realized I needed to go to the Greek islands. I took a ferry to Aegina from Piraeus and I stayed there the rest of my week. From Aegina I visited other wonderful small islands of the Saronic Gulf like Hydra and Poros.

When I arrived back in Barcelona I felt like the luckiest boy on earth because I had changed my destination at the right time. I paid the hotels twice (once in Athens and once in Aegina) but it was a very good experience, I have found the superb, beautiful essence of Greece.

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