sábado, 19 de mayo de 2007

Mulligans Pub

Mulligans of Poolbeg St is one of Dublin's most famous drinking establishments.
Mulligans is a traditional pub that remains at the heart of the Dublin's vibrant pub culture. A meeting point for all kinds of Irish life, the bar has hosted punters from the world of acting, literature, horseracing, journalism and Gaelic sports for over a century. Mulligans encapsulates all the best aspects of the authentic Dublin drinking experience.
The Mulligans started their long association with Dublin publore in 1782 in Thomas Street moving to Poolbeg Street in the mid-19th century. James Joyce immortalised the pub in his book of short stories The Dubliners with the characters, O'Halloran, Leonard and Farrington. Mulligans became one of Dublin's most popular drinking haunts and never considering 'modernising', retaining the bar's Victorian décor and furnishings.
Mulligans has two different entrances that lead you to a traditional style pub with a wooden bar, tables and chairs and a low ceiling that gives the bar a cool, shaded and relaxing feeling. As you follow down the right side of the bar, you will come to a large lounge filled with a younger crowding imbibing and chatting.
Their pint of Guinness is legendary in Dublin and there is very little in the way of food which reminds you why your there, to drink and engage in pure conversation. Experience all the different currents of Dublin life in the revered drinking haunt that is Mulligans.

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